North Coast Digital Broadcast Station


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Eric Nolan.. feature

                            "It Reminds me of you"

Eric Nolan.. feature

                            "'I'm On My Way"'

Eric Nolan.. feature

                      "'I Missed you"

Sure House Baptist Church.. feature

                      "'Pastor's praise"

Ou Way Yo... 2020 A year no one should forget!!!

Eddie Baccus, Sr. & Ron Davis.. feature

                      "'Cleveland Legends "

The White House Recording Studio - Private and Professionalhere to edit and add your own text.

The White House Recording Studio

Commercial Music Production:

Theme and Background Music  for Video and Voice Over Ad's


 The Stem Lab,
Ms. Cehelsea Clark!
Isaac Brown {cameo}
 Jill Scott with
Ron & Ernie Isley!
 N'Front... Tribute to Gerald Levert
'Never another you'
 Camryn Levert
'I Miss you'
Sean Levert
'I Want You Back'
Angelique Kidjo
Commercial Jingles & Voice Over Backgrounds

Jeffree Charles

"Where is the love"

The Spectacular Band


                      "'Afro-Beats "

Jeter Jones
'Old Back Road'

Country Rap

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Camryn Levert's


Tokyo Groove
'Funk No. 1 '

Asian Soul

'Ethio-Jazz '